Best casino game odds for Book of Ra slots (RTP)


Best Casino game odds (RTP)





In order to define the best casino game odds at slot machines, we have to clarify first, what does RTP index eventually mean? This defines our chance to win on a particular slot machine. This index is maximized in 100% and obviously the best slot machine is which is as close to 100% as possible. Well, it is not a secret that casino’s reserve a smaller amount in each case. This could even be 50-60% in case of old bar slot machines. Nowadays, in case of slot machines, this is significantly lower. For instance, if the RTP index of a slot machine is 80%, then the casino reserves 20% of all bets after some millions of spins, as operational costs. The player obviously notices nothing, since the slot machines are continuously active. Mostly in case of online slot machines, You may absolutely notice nothing, since up to 1000 people may play at the same time. However, our winning odds are largely affected by the RTP rate. We can learn the operational costs of a particular slot machine and our chances to win on it.

What is the RTP index of Book of Ra slot machines?

It is no secret that in our view, Book of Ra slot machines provide the best casino game odds to players. It has multiple reasons. First, they have very high RTP index. Second, they provide very entertaining and exciting game experience to players. They also offer incredibly high instant prizes, free spins and bonuses. You just have to watch our Book of Ra Big win videos. Here You can see with your own eyes how great Book of Ra slot machines are. Now let’s check out the indices of popular Book of Ra slot machines. You can learn all Book of Ra slot machines by clicking here.

Book of Ra Slots RTP

Book of Ra Classic RTP: 96% 96100
Book of Ra Deluxe RTP: 95.5% 95.5100
Book of Ra Deluxe 10 RTP: 95.02% 95.02100

Book of Ra Classic best casino game odds RTP: 96%

The popular Book of Ra Classic slot machine has incredibly high, 96% RTP index. You have to know that this was the very first Book of Ra slot machine. It’s unique feature is that it has only 5 reels and 9 winner lines. This simple slot machine is really great. You can win up to the 5000X of your bet on this slot machine! There are not many such slot machines, where such an amount may be won.

Book of Ra Deluxe best casino game odds RTP: 95.5%

Although the RTP index of Book of Ra Deluxe slot machine is lower to a minimal extent compared to Book of Classic slot machine, it is still worth to test your luck. Also because there is already another extra winner line, i.e. this slot machine has 10 winner lines in total. This is an obvious benefit during the game anytime. Moreover, the maximum amount to be won is also doubled.

Book of Ra Deluxe 10 best casino game odds RTP: 95.02%

This Book of Ra Deluxe 10 slot machine has become really special. Its RTP index minimally deviates from other Book of Ra slot machines. However, incredibly, we can play on not only one, but on two slot machines at the same time. Moreover, You can test our luck with not only 9 or 10, but incredibly many 100 winner lines. Along with the high RTP index, this may provide a quite exciting game. The maximum amount offered by it is quite high, so we recommend it to everyone to test Book of Ra Deluxe 10 slot machine too.

Where to play Book of Ra slots?

Book of Ra slot machines are available in even more online casinos. Among others, we can meet them in EnergyCasino, az EnergyWin and Unibet casino. You have to know that we have already tested each casino on our own, so we guarantee that You won’t be disappointed in them. Moreover, EnergyCasino now grants 30 free spins to every new registered player without any deposit. So let’s go! 🙂

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