Book of China slot machine

Book of China slot

Those who prefer Book of Ra slot machines, will certainly like Book of China slot machine too. This slot machine is although slightly other than the Book of Ra slot machine in its design, its gameplay is completely the same. Here also three or more Scatters are required to win 10 free spins with the Special Expanding symbol. Everybody knows, if there are Special Expanding symbols, You can win really high prizes! 🙂 However, we know that Book of China slot machine is equipped with only 3 lines, 5 reels and 10 winner lines, we still claim that this one belongs to the best Novomatic slot machines. Believe us, You do not need several thousands of winner lines for a successful game. So it’s time to have a closer look on the Book of China slot machine. Let’s start there, in which casino can You meet this stunning slot machine?

Where to play Book of China slot machine?

Book of China free spinsWell, it must be quite obvious for everyone, that Book of China slot machine is a Novomatic slot machine. So You can obviously meet that in such casinos, where Novomatic slot machines are available. As we know, You can find such slot machines in Unibet and EnergyCasino. You should know about both casinos, that they have been available on the Internet for several years. We are not talking about casinos established today. They have some millions of active players and high prizes. For example, in the EnergyCasino, more than €50,000 has been won lately on the Book of Ra slot machine. However, some ten thousand Euro jackpot has been won in Unibet casino too. In order to become successful on the Book of China slot machine, let us give You some useful tips! 🙂

How to play Book of China slot machine?

You have to play on Book of China slot machine  just like on Book of Ra Deluxe slot machine. Well, both slot machines are equipped with 3 lines, 5 reels and 10 winner lines. So beyond its design, there is no difference at all. Therefore, here You can also use the quick spinning, when You press the ‘Start’ button twice in a row. This way, the reels stop. According to statistics, You may win free spins easier. Another important fact in case of Book of China slot machine, is that it is not worth to play on low bet. You should rather choose a medium level. Many players reported that they had to spin too many times to get a bonus when selecting low bet. Of course, this is not true in all cases. Our third advice is that if You can win only two Scatter symbols many times, then stop playing, because You are not going to win. According to our experiences, it may show You 2 Scatter symbols up to 20 times, before the third one shows up. Moreover, in such cases You do not win too much with the bonus. So it is worth to play carefully on Book of China slot machine! 🙂

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