Book of Gods slot machine with 243 ways

Play Book of Ra Gods slot

Big Time Gaming has already created outstanding slot machines for gamers. There is the White Rabbits slot machine for example, or the other popular casino game, the Danger. However, the company has released such an excellent slot machine lately, which is worth to talk about. We might even say that the very best Book of Ra Alternative slot machine was born. We can declare that because according to our tests, the developers offer us a very entertaining and exciting game. It is important to note that we are talking not only about another FREE SPINS slot machine with 10 winner lines, but a quite unique solution. Because we could not have played on a Book slot machine in this form. Before going in details, we need to clarify where can You test the new Book of Gods slot machine?

Where to play with real money on Book of Gods slot machine?

Book of GodsWe have tested Book of Gods slot machine in the popular Unibet and Betclic casinos. According to our tests, Unibet casino proved to be a little bit better. Perhaps it is just about luck, but these are our experiences! 🙂 Well, both casinos have been operating successfully for many years. They offer several deposit and discount bonuses for the players. The registration process is quite simple, even a beginner can go through. So You do not have to worry about, if You would like to test your luck as a beginner in these online casinos.  Moreover, in the above mentioned casinos, You can also find the original Book of Ra slot machines. So if You prefer to test your luck on them, You can do so with a single registration. 🙂 If You would like to register into Unibet casino, then click here, if You prefer Betclic, then click here. That’s all! 🙂

How to play Book of Gods slot machine?

First of all, let’s check what type of bonuses does Book of Gods slot machine offer! Let’s start there, that there are 243 ways available during the game. It is important because Book of Ra slot machines are equipped with only 9 or 10 winner lines. Moreover, on Book of Gods slot machine, You can win Clone Symbols with every single spin. It depends on the symbol raffled by the Book on the left. If the same symbols show up on the reels, then they are cloned to the complete reel. You can win Free Spins bonus on Book of Gods slot machine in case of showing up three or more Book symbols. Actually 3 Books are worth 15, 4 Books are worth 20, 5 Books are worth 25 FREE SPINS with Clone Symbols. Moreover, if 3 or more Book symbols show up, You can win additional free spins with further Clone symbols. So the slot machine is a bit similar to Book of Ra Two Symbols slot machine. The only difference is that You can win max. 4 Clone Symbols on Book of Gods, while Book of Ra Two Symbols slot machine is limited to 2.

How to win on Book of Gods slot machine?

Book of Gods slot machine online gameWe are certainly unable to provide 100% tip! However, there is one thing that is worth to discuss. Well, on most Big Time Gaming slot machines You can purchase FREE SPINS, which is the FEATURE DROP mode. It is not a secret, that its cost is quite high as default. In case of Book of Gods slot machine, it is the X80 of the actual bet. But You do not have to worry about! This cost is reduced by the randomly appearing BTG symbols. The higher they are, the bigger the reduction. The big question is, is it worth to purchase FREE SPINS? We believe that it has no sense to do so several times in a row. However, if You experience that You are really unable to win FREE SPINS otherwise, then do not spare on it. It might be bad at first, but it becomes very exciting then, because of FREE SPINS! 🙂

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