Book of Ra Magic Tips & Strategies

Book of Ra Magic Online slotsWhat makes casino players really glad, Book of Ra Magic slot machine is already available online in EnergyCasino. So from now on, You can play on this great slot machine not only in street casinos, but also at home or even using your phone. Well, it is not a secret, that it is so popular because You may have up to 9 Special Expanding symbols on this slot machine. Therefore, we can say that You might win even more on Book of Ra Magic slot machine than on the Fixed Book of Ra slot machine. If you do not know the Fixed Book of Ra slot machine, then we tell You, that Special Expanding symbols remain in their position until the end of the free spins. So this is another great slot machine. But let’s return to Book of Ra Magic slot machine. Let’s start there, where can You test your luck on Book of Ra Magic slot machine?

Where to play on Book of Ra Magic online slot machine?

You can test your luck on Book of Ra Magic online slot machine only in EnergyCasino offering Novomatic slot machines. You need to know, that EnergyCasino has been available to players for more than six years. It has some millions of active players. The deposit is instant. You can withdraw your money within 24 hours. Moreover, every new registered player gets 10 EnergySpins spins for free to the registration. All in all, we think that Book of Ra Magic online has become available in a perfect place. Well, let’s check how can You win on Book of Ra Magic slot machine?


* ( no deposit needed )


Three Book of Ra Magic Tips not just for beginners!

1. What should You never do on Book of Ra Magic slot machine?

Many make the biggest mistake, when they test their luck on a single bet on Book of Ra Magic slot machine. Do not be scared of changing. If necessary, You should risk a bit. This is particularly important, because we might not win on a certain bet for some time, but if You risk a little and raise the bet, perhaps You have bigger chances to win. So do not stick to low bets. Sometime test your luck on higher bets too.

2. How many spins are required to win a Book of Ra Magic bonus game?

We always calculate so, that 100-150 spins are required in average to win a bonus game. We have to underline, that this is just an average. Perhaps it will be 5 spins in your case, but it might be up to 300. Therefore, the above mentioned tip is important (switch to another bet). It may be a good solution, that if You did not manage to win the bonus game following 60 spins, then You raise your bet to the next level. For example, if You test your luck on £1 bet, and You have had no bonus game for 50 spins, then raise it to £2 and spin another 50 times.

3. When should You stop playing on Book of Ra Magic slot machine?

You need to know, that losing is not the only source of problems: if You win too much, it is not good either. We have heard about many cases that someone made £5000 from £100, but lost his prize in the end and lost an additional £2000. So be careful! You should not only decide how much money You are going to deposit, You should also determine where to finish the game. For example, if You have made a deposit of £100, then You should withdraw at£1000. A perfect solution on this issue may be the ‘loss limit’ available in certain casinos. For instance, when You are at Ł1100, You set that You may lose max. £100 within 24 hours, so when your loss reaches £100, the system halts and You can not go on playing. We think that this is a very useful tool.

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