Credit Cards Casino Deposit with the help of Payr

Payr casinoFrom now on, You can deposit to online casinos using credit/debit cards forbidding gambling. Therefore, You may use your Maestro debit card as well, if You are willing to deposit into an online casino, thanks to the new Payr corporation. The company has been just established, and it is already very popular among gamblers. An important credit/debit card payment problem is solved due to them. Thanks to PayR, your payments won’t be refused if You are willing to deposit into an online casino for instance with your Maestro card. Sounds good, eh? We would like to tell You how Payr’s payment method works. The process is easier than You think, but we would like to briefly explain it for You.

How to deposit with Credit Cards to casinos using Payr?

PayR operates just like Paysafecard. Well, in case of PaySafecard, You purchase a voucher, which You can use when depositing in the casino. The only difference is that unlike PayR, You can not purchase PaySafecard using your credit/debit card. Your credit/debit card service provider shall not prohibit the payment, while they do not know how your Payr voucher will be utilized. 🙂 This way, Payr has developed a simple but great and important solution! Let’s have a look at those online casinos, where You can pay with both Credit Cards and Payr.

Online Casinos with Credit Cards deposit methods

In these online casinos, You can pay with any credit/debit cards. There is no problem either if your credit/debit card service provider prohibits gambling. Your task is very simple! 🙂 Choose the preferred online casino. Make your deposit! Utilize the bonus for your initial deposit and You may start spinning! We hope You will test one of the Book of Ra slot machines! 🙂

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Alternative Casino Deposit Methods

Alternative online casino deposit methodYou can deposit to online casinos not only by using credit/debit cards. A great example is the aforementioned PaySafecard. In this case, You purchase a voucher, which You can use to deposit to the casino. You can usually buy the voucher at kiosks or petrol stations. Following the payment, You get a voucher, where a 16-digit number is found. You have to type this code into the online casino when making a deposit. So PaySafecard is also a really good alternative Credit Cards Casino Deposit method.

We hope we could help You in the Credit Cards Casino Deposit issue. It is very important for us to provide useful information to our visitors. Therefore, if You have found these information useful, please share with your friends too. Believe us, they will be glad for You!! 🙂

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