Daily Freeroll Slot Tournaments with Book of Dead

Daily Slot Tournaments provide a great opportunity to test your luck against others even on Book of Dead slot machine. You should imagine something similar to a poker tournament. Everyone, who applies prior the closure of application deadline, participates in the contest and gets his share from the prize pool. First of all, You need to know that there are several types of Slot Tournaments. Some are free of charge, such as Daily Freeroll Slot Tournaments, while others require application fee. In case of Daily Freeroll Slot Tournaments, You have to calculate with many applicants, since they are free of charge! Letโ€™s check what kind of Slot Tournaments are available:

Daily Slot Tournaments:

We honestly admit, that Daily Slot Tournaments is a bit more serious than a Daily Freeroll Slot Tournaments. The reason is that everybody risk real money. Therefore, every player takes it more serious. The prize pools are also much higher. Here You have the opportunity to challenge only a single player, but an even 5-member community may decide, who is the luckiest today. Moreover, You can win several hundreds of free spins or even jackpot on some contests! This is a way better fun, isnโ€™t it? ๐Ÿ™‚

Latest Daily Slot Freeroll Tournaments Start in:

How can You join Daily Freeroll Slot Tournaments?

The requirement for participation on Daily Freeroll Slot Tournaments at Energywin.com, is that the player shall have a casino account and make deposit at least once a month. So the casino asks You to play with real money too. Do not register just to participate on Daily Freeroll Slot Tournaments. This is somehow reasonable! We tell You, that beside Book of Dead slot machine, there are several other excellent slot machines available at Energywin.com. For instance, they have several Stargames Alternative slots. Well, the deposited amount may be precious in case of Freeroll Slot Tournaments at Re-buy. Am I right? ๐Ÿ™‚

Daily Slot Tournaments players:


How can You join Daily Slot Tournaments?

You can participate on Daily Slot Tournaments only with real money. It is possible in two different ways. First, when You play with those slot machines, where the contest is in progress. Such as the current contest at EnergyCasino. The other one, that in exchange for an application fee, You apply for the contest at Energywin.com. In both cases, You test your luck against others. Since You play with real money, You may calculate with less competitors than in case of Daily Freeroll Slot Tournaments. You do not have to think about higher amounts regarding application fees in all cases. It may be a marginal โ‚ฌ1 or โ‚ฌ2 application fee, but there are also โ‚ฌ200 application fees. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is up to You, which one do You prefer! In order to have a clear vision, letโ€™s check what kind of real money Slot Tournaments out there.

Slot Tournaments Format:

Heads Up Tournaments:

In case of Heads Up slot tournaments, You can test your luck against another player. You may double your money with this type of contest. The battle ends when the given time expires or You run out of spins.

Sit and Go Slot Tournaments:

begin only if the required number of players area available. This number is usually 3 or 5 people. We recommend this for friends, to test which of You has more luck on a specific slot machine.

Freezout Slot Tournaments:

The big advantage of Freezout Slot Tournaments is that everyone has the same chance. In this contest, every player is allowed to apply only once. If someone runs out of spins, and could not achieve a good result, he is not allowed to join the contest again.

Re-buy Slot Tournaments:

Re-buy Slot Tournaments is the opposite of Freezout Slot Tournaments. In this case, if a specific player already applied to the contest before, but unfortunately finished with a weak result, then he has a second chance to apply to the contest. However, they continuously raise the prize pool! ๐Ÿ™‚

Fixed Prize Slot Tournaments:

You can participate on Fixed Prize Pool Slot Tournaments usually in exchange for higher application fees, while as its name shows You compete for a guaranteed prize. However, You have the opportunity for Re-buy, which also increases the prize pool! ๐Ÿ˜€

Progressive Prize pool Slot Tournaments:

In this case, every application fee is put into the prize pool. It gives You the feeling like competing against the casino. Itโ€™s advantage is that if during the contest, a player wins the jackpot of a slot machine, then it will be shared between the competitors! ๐Ÿ™‚

What decision have You made? Do You prefer Daily Freeroll Slot Tournaments or rather Daily Slot Tournaments? We recommend You to test both versions. Why not? It is worth a try, perhaps it is your lucky day and You win a huge jackpot! ๐Ÿ™‚

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