Book of Ra Classic slot machine for high prizes

Book of Ra slot machineThe predecessor of Book of Ra slot machines is the Book of Ra Classic slot machine. This was the first Book of Ra slot machine, where everything began. If it had not been developed by the popular Novomatic software company, then we could not been playing on Book of Ra slot machines. Anyway, it is unique, because at first glance, it does not look like a serious and interesting slot machine, however, it offers a great game. We are sure, that the main reason of this is because of free spins offering high prizes. Therefore, if someone has never played on Book of Ra slot machines, it is time to test them with play money at first, then of course with real money as well.

How can we play on Book of Ra Classic slot machine?

We can test our luck in more and more online casinos on Book of Ra Classic slot machine. For instance in Unibet and EnergyCasino. Both online casinos have operating licences required for running a casino. Therefore, if You are about to test your luck not only in demo mode on Book of Ra slot machines, then You should choose from these online casinos. If You follow our advice, You register into both online casinos, because of the on going casino promotions. The other thing is that You might not be lucky in a casino, while You win high prizes in the other one. So it is worth to open as many Book of Ra accounts as You can! 🙂

How to play Book of Ra Classic machine?

How to play Book of Ra ClassicBook of Ra Classic is a 5 disks, 3 lined and 9 winner lines slot machine. Its handling does not require professional skills. If it is not automatically set, select the number of winner lines first. Obviously the best is to use all winner lines. Then set the desired bet, and press the ‘Start’ button. You may use AUTOMATIC feature during the game if You prefer. In this case, You have nothing else to do then watching the slot machine and praying for higher prizes. Frankly speaking, we do not prefer this option, but everybody is different.

How to win Book of Ra Classic slot machine?

Well, we think it is not a secret, that You can win the most on Book of Ra Classic slot machine if You manage to collect three SCATTER symbols. It means 10 free spins with a SPECIAL EXPANDING symbol. This means, that if our SPECIAL EXPANDING symbol shows up during free spins, then it completely fills the specific disk. So obviously, if we got the let’s say the K symbol, and it shows up in every disk, then due to the 9 winner lines, we will have 9X5 K symbols. So Book of Ra Classic slot machine may offer high prizes, does not it? J Not to mention that case when we get the ‘Expoler’ symbol, which is worth the most. Just as a curiosity, 5 ‘Expoler’ symbols mean X5000 prize, which might end up in X45000 prize during free spins! 🙂

Which Book of Ra slot machine is worth to play with?

Any of the Book of Ra slot machines is great! Of course, newer versions such as Book of Ra Deluxe 6  or Book of Ra Jackpot Editon slightly differ from the usual Book of Ra slot machine. However, Book of Ra Classic or Book of Ra Deluxe still offer an amusing experience. So everyone shall decide, which slot machine to prefer. Our opinion is that each of them is very good. We simply can not make a difference among them. Have you tried NetEnt online casinos?

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