Book of Ra Deluxe 6 Big win with 60 free spins

Book of Ra Deluxe 6 Big winThis video has been watched by several thousands of people, who were amazed of the way winning such a high price in a very short period of time. The video was a live stream on Youtube, so the audience could enjoy every moment of this Book of Ra Big Win. In the beginning of the video, You can see the player setting the number of rounds to the maximum, the loss limit to £1000, and to stop autoplay after winning £1000. The player’s initial credit is £1000, which is raised to more than £4000, meaning that the player won more than £3000 within twelve minutes! Well, this is quite a nice hourly rate, isn’t it? As You can see, the player wins three the three ‘Book’ symbols following several spins. Although the prize for the three ‘Book’ symbols is only £2,5, the real benefit of it is the ‘Special Expanding’ feature that results in 10 free spins. In this case, the main reason of that Big Win is the subsequent winning of free spins. During the achieved 10 free spins, an additional bunch of free spins is won and so on… This is why Book of Ra slot machines are so popular: the free games provided by the three (or more) ‘Book’ symbols significantly boost Your chance to win high prizes and additional free spins!

Where can You play on Book of Ra slot machines?

Energy Casino Stargames AlternativeYou can usually test your luck on Book of Ra slot machines in Unibet and EnergyCasino. Unfortunately, Book of Ra slot machines are unavailable in certain countries – in such areas, You may test your luck on Book of Ra Alternatives slot machines. For example, Book of Ming or Book of Dead are excellent Book of Ra Alternative slot machines. Both of them are reliable casinos tested by ourselves and other players. If You are so lucky that classic Book of Ra slot machines are available in Your country, feel free to choose one of them, and the game may begin! If You are an old-school player, and prefer traditional slot machines, Book of Ra Classic is still available for You. However, You should also keep in mind, that later versions of this classic slot machine usually provide You more chance to win, due to the higher number of reels and winner lines. In this video, Book of Ra Deluxe was the chosen one, but Book of Ra Two Symbols or Book of Ra EXPAND are also great examples of modern slot machines. Although You can find Book of Ra slot machines in many online casinos, we recommend You to stick to those reliable ones, that are tested by many players. If You ask us, both Unibet and EnergyCasino are perfect choices if You are willing to become such a lucky player like the guy in this video!

How to achieve a Book of Ra Big Win on Book of Ra Deluxe slot machine?

If You are looking for tips about how to achieve a Book of Ra Big Win, You are definitely at the right place! The first and probably the most important step is to set the number of winner lines to the maximum (10) if You are playing on Book of Ra Deluxe. We never recommend You to play on very low bets, but You should not play on very high bets either. The key of Book of Ra Big Win is to let yourself enough chances to achieve three or more ‘Book’ symbols at least once. As the number of free spins accumulates, your chances to become the next lucky guy livestreaming his Book of Ra Big Win boost like hell!

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